I'm Dani. One of my passions in life is to create, design and realize my ideas. I believe that anyone can and should do this. For an idea to become reality, one has to follow several steps and use the appropriate tools and building blocks in each one.
Being an aerospace engineer for more than ten years, I've seen this happening numerous times: an idea, backed up with creative thinking and numbers, is realized, becomes alive and flies.
This may be obvious for an industry, but what about our everyday life? We all have ideas which can turn into amazing projects, let's make them real!
In Do Simple Carbon I'm offering a step by step realization of a personal electric vehicle,
and other interesting projects, including all the necessary steps.  But, it gives you much more than that.
Electric skateboards and scooters are readily available in various stores, so what makes this one different or better?
It's the process!
Every method, data or particular application on this site can be applied to your ideas and projects! The information provided on this site is intended to be a set of tools that is available to you. Applying these tools will ensure that your projects have a solid foundation, they will become alive, and you will not have to settle for the store offerings.


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