I’ve got interested in electric longboards a while ago, which is funny, because I’ve never rode one in the past, electric or regular.
My interest evolved around the idea of using one as a personal means of transportation to cover the last several miles in the city.

Obviously, not a new idea. But, it was new, for me.

Why longboards? Well, it is more suitable for transportation than a skateboard. And, it is a bare minimum to get around – less weight than a bicycle or scooter and small enough to not notice when not in use.

With these goals I tried to choose one from the available offerings.

And, it was not as easy as I assumed…

None of them was very light or compact, not to mention the high price that came with each…

Can we fix this? Can we offer an alternative?

Can we design a lightweight/compact/practical longboard which in the same time won’t break the bank?

I believe we can!

This is the idea we explore on this site.

And, you are welcome to join.


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