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DSC in Real Life

It’s all coming back to me now 🙂 Seriously, it has been a while, and I have no excuses, just life and stuff all around it… This post will be… Read more »

First DSC Longboard Ever

Eventually battery issues were resolved, all parts were printed, and all the items arrived. We start the big assembly. The drive side This was the new thing for me, as… Read more »

Re-designing the enclosure

I designed my enclosure before I’ve got the batteries. Everything got printed nicely and the fit was also pretty good: And then the batteries came… And they were not the… Read more »

Fitting Bigger Wheels

Would you like bigger wheels on your board? Now, why would you? Suppose you are aiming for the off-road experience, the small, stiff regular wheels won’t help you in the… Read more »

First Frame Assembly

This is an exciting post, the first frame is alive and it is really nice! I will follow the steps for assembly with lots of pictures. The tubes were received… Read more »

Let’s see some colors

Our next goal, after choosing the appropriate tubes and doing the first design iteration, is to validate the chosen solution. This is the time when we go to a more… Read more »

First Frame Iteration

Good Morning Last week we were choosing the tubes which will be the main building blocks for our frame. Since then I have a small update. I looked into additional… Read more »

Choosing your Carbon Tubes

Two weeks ago, we calculated the loads for our skateboard frame, last week we reviewed the numbers and decided on carbon fiber tubes as the building blocks for our frame…. Read more »