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Are you fascinated by the potential of small, personal, practical, and affordable electric vehicles? They can become very handy in large cities and also as a quick, on demand way of getting places. When the cars are stuck in traffic, these can still move and cover the last several miles to get you to your destination.

These vehicles vary from skateboards or longboards through scooters and bicycles. There are probably hundreds of these offered in various stores and all you have to do is choose…

Well, not quite… I find the available offerings missing the point at some level. Take the awesome idea of an electric longboard/skateboard for example. It is straightforward, efficient, and mostly light weight design for covering road miles. But the tiny wheels won’t help you on the long run through less than perfect pavement or soil, grass, gravel. Those that offer a solution, quickly become very heavy or bulky.

Larger wheels are available on scooters. They become more practical due to this, also they are simpler to ride for the average beginner. However, the frames tend to be very heavy and the added features making these not very mobile once folded. Not to mention the very high costs of these vehicles.

There are some neat designs available, but these, in my opinion, sacrifice practicality in order to be appealing in other areas. For example, using smaller wheels in order to be compact and light, or adding dampers and pneumatic wheels on a stiff heavy frame.

Can we do better? I believe we can, and I’m ready to explore this. Being an engineer and a DIYer, designing my own just seems like a better idea, it is surely more interesting.

We will start with the main component, which is the frame. This is usually overlooked and directly adapted from the non-electric world. I want this frame to be as light as possible and as strong as needed, just like a good, well designed, and well behaved aerospace structure. We will start with a basic skateboard and will grow into a scooter, and then who knows…

Currently, all I have is a set of ideas. They are good, but they need the realization into the real world in order to be useful. The connecting thread will be designing a fully customizable, personal, practical electric vehicle. I want to emphasize the practicality of the resulting product, it should be useful on a daily basis, get the job done, and of course look good. The builder will adapt it to his/her needs: custom size/length/width, size of the battery, motor power and the way to control it. Together with this, the costs will be low by adapting existing components to our needs. And, it will be something that you are proud to use.

Over the years, I’ve got an enormous amount of knowledge from YouTube and online material. This is a way for me to give back and share my experience and knowledge as an engineer, and of course, make it available to you.

Writing and managing this project is my self-commitment to follow through and to realize these ideas. I’m really excited to start this adventure and you are welcome to join me. I can promise you an interesting and practical journey with a lot of new things for you and for me.

Please come along and enjoy,