What if you could design and print parts to handle the real world?


Why do we love 3d printing?

Is 3d printing the single, most important innovation for the DIY community in the recent years?


Arguably, it is!

In its current state of course: seamless/home based/readily available, basically one of your common tools.


Just think about it, there are no excuses anymore, no “I wish I had” this and that, no more postponing because some thingy is not available. You can be happily creating all the time.


Whatever you can think of, can be in your hands in several hours.

Sure, you must design it first (or download it), but the limitations are gone.


The kids love it! Their choices for new toys exploded exponentially!

There aren’t really any limitations…


Our living environment on the other hand, is less happy and steadily filling up with numerous new prints…

Which can be good or bad thing, depending on the attitude of your significant other…


New to all this? Just take a sneak peek at Thingiverse (no affiliation).


Is there a problem with plastic?

Still, our printed parts are mostly plastic.

And plastic parts are considered weak and not in par with the “real stuff” out there.


You’ve probably heard this one: You can’t really print strong parts out of PLA.

Or this one: Let’s print it and see when it breaks?


But what if you could?

What if your 3d printed part can be as strong and reliable as any other thing?


I argue that it’s possible, and it takes just three simple steps:

      1. Know the basics.
      2. Design your part for the job.
      3. Make it and have fun.


Want an example?

Green PLA, 180mm long beam
Green PLA, 180mm long beam

This is a motivational beam, it has no purpose other than holding me and not breaking.

And it does so

Here's another one

My 3d printed electric longboard, used and abused daily (and still going strong):

So, are you ready to find out more?

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I’m doing something new here.

A short series of posts dedicated to designing your own, as strong as you want, structures.

I’ll cover the basics, so you can do the rest.

Let me know what you think: dani@dosimplecarbon.com



This is not another “make your print stronger” project.

I won’t tell you how to best print your part, I can’t.

What I can do is guide you with the basics, so you can make your parts as strong as you want.