Last week it stayed out, this week it got in!

We were talking about battery sticks and how not to do them.

This week we call them battery sausages (any thoughts on that?) and this version is much better.

It’s inside!

This could be a dull post about lessons learned.
Instead, it is a post about plan coming together.


This week was intense.

The goal was to assemble the battery sausage and make sure the “all inside” frame is still happening.

Careful routing, and three hours later made the trick:

The process of sausage making

Two more battery sausages are coming soon.

Also, the rear end unit was finalized

And printed


This piece will house an ESC for one motor.
Also, the cables will run inside.

Besides the color, it turned out to be great.
We will see how the actual pieces fit inside…


There is one important question left – what will be the length of the board?

The tubes are 100cm/39in, and the batteries are ~68cm/27in. So not much play here.

It cannot be shorter than the sausage, but how long?
Please share your thoughts, I would love to hear from you and learn more.



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