Today I want to post something different.

This relates directly to what I love in my life besides this project.

I’m also a husband, a dad, and a PhD student.

I love each part of my life, in a different way of course.

Due to my internal wiring (crazy, I know), I try to solve problems whenever I see them, and it usually starts with a story.

One day we were having dinner, my wife, myself, and the kid, who is 4 years old.

Perfect routine, I agree.

As usual, we tried to start a conversation.

Only the kid had different plans, the food was kind of hot, or just warm… We are talking about kid’s standards.

So, every several tens of seconds he wanted my wife or me to blow on his food in the spoon…

This is also something routinely familiar, but for some reason, this time I’ve got really annoyed by this…

We love the kid, he is sweet and funny, and has an incredible curly hair, and we also want an uninterrupted dinner from time to time.


So, I decided to do something.

The idea was to create “a thing” that will chill the food for the kid.

And it should be something other than me or my wife…


Are you familiar with the feeling when you decide to create something, and your head starts to race and plan, and it doesn’t usually stop?

Until you create the thing of course.


I love this feeling! And this time it wasn’t an exception

The idea was to make a funny creature with a fan inside it. The kid could press the button and chill his food on demand….

I had all the basic components lying around; lithium batteries, chargers, boosters…

I rushed to order a small fan and hit the CAD.

And it came along so sweet, and useful, at the end.

You can follow the Instructable and see for yourself.


Here is for quiet dinners and sweet kids,




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