I screwed up.

It supposed to be a how-to post about converting your mini into the new Chubby remote.

Instead this will be a post about all the cool features of the remote, and why you'll want one. (Also about how I messed it up for now)


Chubby is the new thumb control mod of the mini remote, direct successor of the Fish Hook.


The new potentiometer

The only relation to the one that comes in the "mini" is the 5kOhm value.

Other than that it's a fully enclosed unit with beefy spring and metal lever.


No more mushy start with the mini trigger.

The travel is slightly increased and the spring provides true resistance through the whole motion.

all the internals

Two batteries

There are two versions of the mini internals (at least). The one I used for the initial stages of modeling and fit check, and the one I've got in the new one.

See if you can spot the difference:

Old version, the crystal is on the opposite side
Old version, the crystal is on the opposite side
The new one, the giant crystal is facing you now
The new one, the giant crystal is facing you now

This huge resonator interfered with my plans of using two batteries one on top the other, and increasing the capacity from 300mAh to 600mAh.


Lesson here: make sure you're mocking up with updated hardware.

And of course - find different spot for the second battery.

Tiny details

The remote features an upgraded (over the mini) on/off switch,

Lanyard holes will be added to the final version.

And the indicator light will be on the outside... (apparently it doesn't show through a solid PLA wall...)


Also, it's curvy and feels extremely natural, with and without gloves:


Bottom line

I believe you'll be happy with this mod, your mini will feel like a brand new remote.

Stay tuned for the how-to post next week.




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