As you probably all know, we have been featured on Braille Skateboarding.

I have been highly anticipating this because I’ve sent the frame to them months ago, somewhere around October last year.

This was one of the milestones for me, and I’m glad that it finally happened!

These guys are funny, and I love their channel, although I’m not an avid watcher.

The main reason for me to do this was to raise awareness for the design of the frame.

I think it is safe to say that more people know about our idea now, than it was three weeks ago.


What did you think about the video?

I simply loved it!

Was it because of their faces when they saw it for the first time and felt how light it was in their hands?

Was it because they actually did some tricks with it, which I could never do?

I mean, who would have though that you can kick flip it?

Was it because it really stood up to the abuse, up to the point of course?


Yes! All of the above! And more!

I think we gained some great fans in the process, and, of course, some haters…

Just look at the comments below the video.


Yes, we are not mainstream.

Yes, we do not resemble any board that they have ever seen.

Yes, we push the limits of the design.

And yes, it has been fun! And we will keep doing it.


My main goal was always to provide a functional and affordable means of transportation for the average city commuter.

This was our first version, next one will be even more fun.

We plan on designing something very slick with the batteries inside the carbon tubes.

Later, we will handle the folding challenge.


These are our ideas, but we would like to hear from you.

So, feel free to contact us on dani@dosimplecarbon.com and tell us about your ideas.

Follow us on Instagram and YouTube @dosimplecarbon


Have a great weekend,