This progress update did not come as easy as expected, and I should have (probably) expected this.


So, I did not keep my promise to publish the updates weekly. My hope for it to be the last promise which I don't keep.


Here it goes, this is what I came up with when adapting my scribbles to the real world:

Fusion360 model
Fusion360 model

When designing this one, I tried to reuse parts I've already had lying around, like skate bearings, square magnets and carbon rod.


This practice usually works for me, I try to figure out the builds with the things around the house.

Sometimes it is vise versa, I stumble into something and then think what can be done with it. But that's another story...


So, the pile of square magnets:

18mm square magnets
18mm square magnets

Skate bearings, which are extremely cheap and wide spread.

And some leftover rod from here, which fits perfectly inside the inner race of the bearing…


The obvious reason is saving money. The secondary is that I just hate seeing stuff laying around with no purpose.

The idea was to have an adjustable upper base, for future boxes/tanks. So the width is adjustable (once) then you have to glue the two pieces together.


I obviously relied on the magnets to provide support and "floating cushion" during the washing.

These magnets are a pain in the @#$ to work with. They are extremely strong and it takes effort to separate them and not-get-your-skin-stuck-in-between them effort.


It is a good practice to mark the identical pole on all of them, that way you can be sure to glue them with repelling side towards each other.


This design uses push forces for balancing, and it's intentional. This way the glue, that holds the magnets to the frame, does not engage in any stressful activity.

Magnets are cool!

Also because the movement is silent, no contraction/extension here, as might be with springs.


And, it kind of resembles my first sketches, which is a good sign.


I stumbled across additional pile of geared drives... Which might be great candidates for making the whole thing move.

Wiil make it move?
Wiil make it move?

Join me next week for the first washing action.


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