How do you like your board?


My progress on the smaller 30” version got me loving it even more.


So far, the deck is assembled, and the enclosure snapped on as it should.

I’m loving the fit of the parts together, which makes it a slick board, with a cool perk – it can be as colorful as you wish...


The enclosure has ample of room to add even bigger packs inside, considering the modest 6s LiPo that I have for it.

And the concave is sweet, makes you more engaged with the board, something that I had no experience with before.

Huge clearance...
Huge clearance...

Now for the real story

Or should I say the beginning of the real story?


Looking at the design, I can divide it into several “lego blocks”:


  1. The tubes which give you the length and the stiffness.
  2. The end units, which can be designed to fit any existing trucks, with any riser and at any angle, I’ve actually printed a small incline into the front piece.
  3. The enclosure, which snaps right on the tubes and can be any shape/length/volume that you wish.
  4. Finally, there are the standard parts like trucks, batteries, wheels and electronics which can be found in any board.
The new concave
The new concave

Here is the idea

What if you could have several "lego blocks" available, will fit one another, based on tube size selection?


You can have exactly what you want.

Choose your length, desired flex, size of the enclosure, truck angles… and mix and match exactly what you want.


With ~two rolls of filament you are all set, and can have exactly what you want…


On a side note: giving you the access to the space “in-between” the tubes will make your board slimmer with more belly clearance.

Should we make this a reality?

I’m excited about this, and I would like to hear your opinion.


Will it work?

Will you build the board you really want?


This idea is slowly evolving in the back of my head.


Meanwhile, going back to the thing I've neglected, which is a folding hinge.



I would love to hear your opinion regarding this?

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