Now when the big version is finished, comes an opportunity to improve the very first board that we have built here.


The v1 was just that – a prototype to check the original idea.

It filled this job perfectly - not only it was a ride-able board, it was also the initiator for the latest version, which is a powerful, totally original and very cool.

In the making
Comparing the progress V2 on top V1

I want to have a smaller version, and this forum post got some insight about what we might want in a smaller, lighter commuter board. 


Also, it was clear that the v1 is not the answer. There were some issues to address:

  1. Wheel bite.
  2. Not convenient to carry
  3. Charging lipos individually is a PITA
  4. It has no concave.


Can we address these issues and get better offering?

Look at the nasty rub on the left...
Look at the nasty rub on the left...

When I started with this thing, I knew nothing about wheels rubbing on the deck itself.

Now I know it is real, and it can be easily avoided.


We can do what works (everywhere) and move the trucks toward the ends, the thinner area, and eliminate this. 

Clean lines
Clean lines

No idea where the ESC and the receiver will go (yet), but the idea for the enclosure is slowly materializing.


You might want to increase your power and range at some point, where can you squeeze all this juice?


This is where modular enclosure might help. The idea is to have it sectioned and easy to install or extend.

Maximum capacity with minimum footprint
Maximum capacity with minimum footprint

This is just a first dry-fit, but the potential is there.

It will be interesting to see the top fit of the lid, flush with the external concave (there is a concave now).


My goal here is to create a board which you can be proud to print and to use daily.

What am I missing? What would you like to see in the new revision?




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