This longboard is finished!


It was an exciting journey, and now it is done (for now). Did my first (short) ride today and I'm totally blown away.

It is much more powerful than the wimpy 6s board I've previously built. Also, I'm total noob in riding longboards, so this thing is really over the edge for me...


So, after an early reflection, and telling you about my "4 bullet process", it is time to see what is V2 all about... Let's reap the results.

6.7kg All Up Weight
6.7kg All Up Weight


The frame/deck is the weird thing. Once the original idea was conceived, it could only improve, so why not put the batteries inside?

Why not indeed.

The best source for carbon tubes is here. They have nice variety, ship fast and the prices are very reasonable. Also, their customer service is top notch.

We used 1m long tubes with 25mm OD and 22mm ID, the dimensions are big enough to accept 18650 cells inside.

Gluing the frame
Gluing the frame


This might be the part that took the biggest amount of time and learning curve.

The balance wires go through the entire length, and the routing is careful, or it will not fit.

That being said, the result is well worth it, no enclosure and no battery in sight.

The process of sausage making


What do you do with the cables? This is the biggest question with this build. Luckily 3d printing allows you to do crazy stuff, and you can even fit the status screen.

Front end unit


The high currents flow through the rear, here we fit the bigger cables. I could have designed it better, so dremel and last minute hacks came in handy. Despite this, the final result was not bad.

Getting there
Getting there
My struggle with the rear cables, thank you dremel
Driving part
Driving part

What now?

Well, my son surely loves it, and it is a pure gain for me.

The next effort will be towards folding board or some other crazy idea.


Stay tuned @dosimplecarbon on IG.