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As a last minute update I added a foot rest in front. This made my life much easier.


But let's start from the beginning, the frame is made out of two main parts: front and back. These two are connected with 3 carbon tubes. As a final add-on, the foot rest is attached.


Front Unit

This end houses the BMS, the battery status screen, and the charging port. Of course the front trucks will also connect to it.


When doing the battery sausages, the balancing plugs become really messy. The side and the front covers will keep everything neat. These are held by 6-32x3/8 bolts.

Front end unit
Fitting the lids on the sides


Back Unit

This one is more complicated. It houses the ESC, and routes the 12AWG cables from sausages, ESC and the motor.The batteries are connected in parallel, and then the cables are fed through the top to the speed controller.

My struggle with the rear cables, thank you dremel


Then again, once the covers are added, it is even slick!


Carbon Tubes and Foot Rest

In this version the tubes are big enough to hold a 18650 battery inside: 25mm OD 22mm ID matte finish tubes.

These are simply epoxy glued to the front and the back units.

Gluing the frame

I did not know this at first, probably because I've never skated before, but the front foot really comes into play during rides.


This is why it is important to have something to put it on.


This "last minute design" foot rest does the job. Held in place by 10-32 bolts and makes the ride so much easier.


Overall, super stable board and way over my head speed wise.

Now it is time to learn how to ride it!





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