I'm celebrating some milestones in my personal life, so a proper party is in place.

But, we're in the COVID times, so a modest giveaway will have to suffice 🙂


Rules are simple:

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That's it, I'll pick the winners on Tuesday the 06/09/20

First thing - my V2 frame

One of a kind.

Implementing one crazy idea - putting the batteries inside the carbon tubes.

This is how NOT to do it.

This is how to do it.

The final outcome.

Even if you don't win, you can do it for yourself.


So, what's included?

  1. esk8 deck, made out of carbon tubes with 3d printed parts, about 40" long.
  2. 10s3p battery (3 sausages, one in each of the tubes), made out of batteries from batteryhookup
  3. ESC for a single motor, from ebay. Push/roll to start and remote, integrated into the structure
  4. Front voltage display with charge port and BMS. This is the post crash version.


Basically, add trucks and a drive train (one motor) and you have a unique running board.

Second thing - the battery operated coffee pot

This one.

Spin off of the earlier version.

If you can plug in your 10-12s esk8 battery, then you have coffee on the go without starting fire and going to Starbucks (social distancing is still a thing)


And one more thing...

If you want this washer, just let me know and it's yours.


How to participate?

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  3. What topic would you like to read here in the near future? Cool project to realize? Comment here or in Instagram
  4. I'll pick the winners on Tuesday the 06/09/20
  5. Good luck




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4 Replies to “First giveaway – dosimplecarbon”

  1. Would love to see some topics on tuning 3d printers and how you design and print your parts

    1. Will plan a post about design, thank you!
      Sadly I can’t contribute anything about tuning

  2. You should make a blog about the structural integrity of electric unicycles and how the axles should be designed for a more secure ride.

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