Don't you love discovering the bugs in the stuff you make?
It reminds us the complexity and the challenge in product development, and the fact that perfect never exists.

The remote was dubbed "fish hook" on the forum and it stuck.

So far, my experience was very positive. It's extremely convenient to hold, the wheel is smooth and the thumb falls naturally on it.


There's one problem, the battery drains completely in 2-3 days. It's due to the permanently connected voltage regulator.

Today we'll fix this (while maintaining all the good stuff).

The solution

We'll do it by adding an on/off switch between the battery and the regulator.

This solves the problem. AND replaces the flimsy slider switch with sturdier and nicer version.


The schematics change a bit:

New switch before the regulator
New switch before the regulator

New 3D printed case

To make the switch (to the new switch), I redesigned the two sides of the remote. These are available from Thingiverse.

The "control panel" goes on the opposite side now and the new on/off switch goes at the bottom. It's recessed, so no accidents should occur.


Secure the main components

First, put in the components as shown and secure them with hot glue.

The location of 1s charger can be easily spotted by the hole for the USB plug. The battery goes top from it.

The switch goes on the bottom of the right panel.

Secure everything with small blubs of hot glue.


Solder the battery leads to B+/- of the charger.

Add the mini board

Secure the pcb board from the mini with 3 bolts (as in the previous version).

It's reversed in this case.


Add the regulator

Regulator assembly instructions are in the previous post, or here.

Take your assembled regulator and solder the outputs to the mini pcb board.

+Vin (of the reg) goes to one of the legs of the switch.

-Vin (of the reg) goes to the -out of the 1s charger board.

Last step

Add a wire from +out of the charger board to the other leg of the switch.


The very last step

Put a small blub of hot glue on the original switch (in on position). You won't be using it anymore.

Now continue to the previous post for the pot and the thumb wheel assembly.


If you enjoyed this, and have some mini laying around, you might want to try the new fish hook.


Need help? or some of the components? or the case printed?

Email me at: and I'll do my best to help.


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