This one drilled in the back of my head for a while.

It started so innocently as a reply post to when we first introduced the Do Simple Carbon concept.






This was a cool idea! But I dismissed it in the beginning.
Mainly due to already set dimensions of the tubes and almost finished frame at the time.

This was the first version of the frame.
Version 2 was going to be different, and I had no idea how.

Several months later, and V2 DSC frame design is full steam ahead, with batteries in the tubes.

The math was simple – 18650 batteries are 18mm in diameter, the tubes are 22mm inside diameter.

Perfect fit!

I was thrilled when all the bits and pieces arrived and assembled it together right away.
And then it didn’t fit…

My battery assembly with the tube

The result was a lonely battery sausage with nowhere to go.
(Battery sausage or battery stick, I’m still debating this one, what do you think?)

You guessed it – 12AWG silicone wire and shrink layer made it too thick.

Can you relate?
Forgetting basic measuring skills with excitement?

Fortunately it is too late to ditch the whole idea.
Time to get creative. And even remember how to use caliper 🙂

Replacing one round 12AWG lead with two smaller in flat configuration.
More careful cable management will also help.

What are your stories about basic skills amnesia?
Share with us.


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