Today we're going to convert the mini remote into the Chubby remote. The most convenient thumb mod of the mini. Continue from last week.

(I apologize for anyone who came after the "other" interpretation of the title...)


1. Head count

There are 3 pieces to print and these can be found on Thingiverse - Thing: 4144807

You'll also need the following:

    1. 300mAh batteries - two of them.
    2. 1S charger thingy.
    3. Potentiometer (make sure it's 5kOhm and centered stick)
    4. Switch
    5. Diode
    6. Lanyard (optional)
    7. The mini remote (which I assume you have)

2. Assemble the power side

You'll need the right side (in the picture above), the two batteries, the tiny printed plate and the charger pcb.

Put the batteries in their places and secure with hot glue.


Using 3 screws from the mini, assemble the tiny plate over the bottom battery.

There's a gap and the plate shouldn't press on the battery below

Take the charger and fit it on the plate (don't secure just yet.

Wire the batteries in parallel to +/-B of the charger.


Set the whole thing aside, you can even charge it meanwhile.


3. Secure the potentiometer

You'll need the remaining printed piece and the pot (with the included thumb piece)


Using scissors cut the two sides of the thumb piece, not very large pieces. Pay attention to the orientation of the slit in the middle.


With the thumb piece on top, slide the base legs of the potentiometer into the 4 holes in the printed part.


With a flat screwdriver bend the legs and secure them with hot glue.


4. Wire and secure the switch

You'll need the switch and the diode.


The idea is this: we're wiring the diode in series with the battery and the mini board. The voltage is dropping ~0.7v over the diode, and getting us closer from 4.2v (max) of the LiPo to the lower operational voltage of the mini.

Solder the diode and a piece of wire to the switch. Note the diode orientation


Mount the switch into the remote, the lever shouldn't stick outside of the bottom wall.

5. Get everything together

All of the above is assembled.

DropĀ  in the mini board, note the place of the led.

Wire the +/- to the board.


Finish wiring to the diode.

Secure the mini board with hot glue.


Put a tiny blob over the original switch (in the ON position), you won't be using it anymore.


*Don't overdo the hot glue, keep the blobs moderate due to limited space.

6. Wire the pot and close

Using 3 strand wire connect the mini board and the pot.

The wiring order in the picture will make you push forward to accelerate and pull back to break.


Want the opposite?

Just reverse 1 and 3 at one of the sides.


*Either one of the channels will work, same wiring order.


Check one last time that everything is in place, close with 4 screws from the mini.


Enjoy your new Chubby,


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