The mini was my first ever remote, for an esk8, right along with the first esk8 attempt. (That's the mini right there in the picture)

This controller has a great reputation among builders, and for good reasons: it’s reliable, cheap and the batteries last forever. On the other hand, it uses dry cells and it’s mainly a trigger style remote.


There is nothing wrong with triggers and dry cells, just not all of us like it.


My second (ever) controller was a part of an “ebay esc” with this build.


This one is more compact and has a “thumb” throttle which feels better in my hand.

It is also surprisingly convenient (on not too long rides, with longer use the hand becomes strained). On the other hand it comes sealed with it’s own ESC, which has limited options.

Top to bottom: banana, the mini remote, ebay ESC remote
Top to bottom: banana, the mini remote, ebay ESC remote

So, here is an idea - what if we could use the mini, but with a thumb control, and maybe make it more convenient and compact?


With all the 3D printers around us, this might be not too complicated task.


So, these are the things I’m trying to achieve with this:

  1. Use mini internals, minor (or none) modification.
  2. Thumb control.
  3. As compact as possible (and still convenient to hold)
  4. Powered by small LiPo battery, rechargeable.
  5. 3D printable.
  6. Can be repackaged at home with basic DIY skills.


What features are you looking in a remote?


Trying to shuffle this project with the rest of the life turned out to be a “slightly” longer journey than anticipated.


And now it’s getting close to completion, pictures can tell the story:

There are several minor issues left to resolve and then the feedback from you will tell the way it's going.





Please let me know your opinion on this in the comments or in the mail.

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