Transplanting old internals into the new enclosure in few simple steps.


This enclosure version is available from Thingiverse - Thing: 4378914

You'll have to print and assemble it, with some carbon rods, like here.


Sanding and spraying

Learned this the hard way: all the cracks/glue spills/cavities that you leave, will show through the paint.

So, invest the time in the sanding. If necessary, fill the cavities with more epoxy and sand some more. It's worth it.

Took me an hour, in several sessions, while the kid was sleeping.

Final pass to 220grit:


Then go with light passes of the bedliner spray.

Overall I did 4-5 coats with drying in between


I'm still amazed with the quality of the coverage of this stuff, getting an almost professional look, even for a clumsy guy like myself.

Finished board
Finished board

Can't finish without comparison between the old and the new. Soon it will get the beautiful dirt layer of a working piece.


Swapping time

All the internals are coming from the old enclosure:

The donor and the new body
The donor and the new body

Gluing in voltage meter, the loop key harness, and the charger socket first.

Fun fact: it was easier to break the old enclosure around these than to wiggle them out.


Once this is over, padding the bottom with foam and swapping the battery.

Make sure it doesn't move, wire all again and you're almost done


The next step is obvious, spend evenings on the floor tucking everything in and closing the thing:


Then of course go riding:




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