I designed my enclosure before I’ve got the batteries.

Everything got printed nicely and the fit was also pretty good:

And then the batteries came… And they were not the same…

The difference in width was very noticeable, about 10 mm


And the fit was really tight now:

I’ve been shopping with Banggood for years, and I’m very satisfied with the products, the prices and the customer service. Needless to say that I did not expect this to happen.

Their customer service replied that the difference was due to different batches, and because the two batteries balanced perfectly, I decided to let it go and deal with it on my side.

Designing a new enclosure

So I decided to make a new enclosure, I will maintain the same general layout, but make it more roomy in the battery compartment.

Another change was moving the ESC from the bottom to the rear. In my opinion it will make the plug in/out more convenient to manage.

And this is the result, the new one is in orange:

The ESC is moved to the rear. Now that I know the motor alignment, the connector opening can remain only on one side.
Same overall dimensions, but deeper and wider. Still fits on the same tubes

This week I will finally assemble the entire board, we will see how it performs. Stay tuned!