Have a regular longboard deck but want to use channel trucks with it? Like here?

Today's post is for you.


A simple design that consists of 4 flat plates and 12 bolts, and just works.


What's the idea?

I felt like there's not enough offerings of this product out there, which is both functional and reasonably priced.

So, here is one right here. I'm not going to make it, but the design is completely free for you to use.

I wanted it to be simple, cheap, and modular - the vertical plates can be produced in any angle of your choice.


What will you need?

Base plates, two of them. Made out of 1/4" or 1/2" Aluminum 6061 plate.

Vertical plates, two of them. Made out of 1/2" Aluminum 6061 plate (these can be made in any desired angle).

Bolts - 12 of them. 1/4"-20 Flat head, like here.

1/2" long if the base plates are 1/4"

3/4" long if the base plates are 1/2"


The pictures are self explanatory: the vertical plates are threaded. The base plate holes are countersunk at angle to get bolts flush with the faces.

Use threadlock when assembling, good permanent type.

Let's see some colors

After all that's what we do here...


We will clamp at the mounting holes of the upper plate, and do a whooping 200kg load through the lower plate, through the holes.

I'm exaggerating of course, and also adding this weird angle which should account for anything you can ever throw at this.



This thing is stiff, not even 0.1mm at the full load.



Not even close, very beefy and over designed. Sometimes we like it this way.

Yield stress of 6061-T6 Aluminum is 276MPa, we're way lower.



Sometimes it's useful to see the contact behavior between parts. You can notice if it behaves as you've been expecting.

It is in our case, and of course it will be much lower if we consider preload.

Top plate
Top plate
Bottom plate
Bottom plate

Overall looks like a promising design that can work for you if you're looking for one.

If you need the CAD files, please let me know in the comments or through mail.




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