Chilly - Food Chilling Creature for Your Kids

This little project can potentially bring you some peace to the dining table, if you have little kids that is...
It makes the job of food chilling accessible for the child, and fun...
Here is the Instructable I made for it.
All the files are available from Thingiverse - Thing: 4728622
Also the Instagram post about it is here

Screenshot 2021-02-21 215929


Chubby - Thumb Control Mod for the Mini Remote

A really cool mod for the mini remote. It uses a much better potentiometer for a smooth thumb motion.

I talk about it here and the how-to is here.

Updates and community mods are here.

The files are on Thingiverse - Thing: 4144807



YoBis - Your Bindings for Longboard

Longboard bindings which were developed by the community, for the community.

Here is how it all started.

Recent updates and announcements are here.

All files available on Thingiverse - Thing: 3619398



Pyramid - Universal Mount for ESK8 Things

This will make your life so much easier when mounting stuff on your board, as lights, handles, cameras, etc...

One universal base and anything really that goes on top. The post I made about it.

Here is the thread on

All the files are on Thingiverse - Thing:3824390

Check also this post on IG