All of the components are in the mail. Meanwhile it’s time to think where to put everything on the board.

I did a first design based on the batteries dimensions provided. The goal is to keep everything compact and accessible when needed. I wanted a low profile and no unscrewing of bolts when accessing the internals, here is the result:

The whole casing will be 3D printed and then attached with #8 bolts on the tubes. I did trial printing during the design process and it came out promising:

Fit on the rails
3D printed representative section

Once this was verified, I proceed to the more useful structure:

You can see the internals and the places for nuts
Each compartment should contain 4000mAh 3s LiPo battery, with spare space
The behinds

This one is the cool feature – the red lids slide out providing full access to the internals:

With recess for your finger

And it looks super cool and slick on the frame itself:

The “cool” front

This was mainly pictures post, I will get better next time. Now I’m waiting for the parts to arrive to make the final measurements and adjustments.

The major things which are left:

  1. Finding place for the ESC with cooling, this will be probably realized on the outside.
  2. Opening slits both in and out for the air to cool the batteries.
  3. Doing channels for wire routing.
  4. Make it comfortable to plug/unplug/on/off.
  5. Print and wire everything up.



5 Replies to “Thinking about the enclosure”

    1. Hey, thank you!
      I’m thinking about putting it in the middle outside facing backwards with the fan. I can make some base for it in the part itself.
      Just waiting for the unit to arrive to take measurements.
      Keep following, this is going to be awesome!


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