Are you fascinated by the potential of small, personal, practical, and affordable electric vehicles?

They can become very handy in large cities and also as a quick, on demand way of getting places. When the cars are stuck in traffic, these can still move and cover the last several miles to get you to your destination.


These vehicles vary from skateboards or longboards through scooters and bicycles. There are probably thousands of these offered in various stores and all you have to do is choose…


Of course you can.


But part of the fun is designing and making your own. At least for me.

I believe that there is a magic in turning a bunch of scribbles into reality


I want to explore what we can add to this world, and you are welcome to join.


The focus will be on the world of longboards, carbon fiber, structures and 3dprinting.

We will probably add solutions and ideas in different areas to the mix.


This will be fun!


This is my first ever blog.

Writing and managing this project is my self-commitment to follow through and to realize these ideas.

I’m really excited to start this adventure and you are welcome to join me.